Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Anatomy of a Drabble

It's Wednesday again. It must be time for Gather's Wednesday Writing Essentials. I feel like I've scarcely got time to think this week, with the Muse conference to attend, but I'm sure I can manage the odd hundred words.

So, here's the prompt that I read when I logged on this morning:
• include the thoughts of an animal
• something needs to be incongruous
• use the Visual Thesaurus' Word-of-the-Day on the day that you write to this prompt
• use the word happy or sad, but not both

A quick trip to the dreaded Visual Thesaurus yielded "swashbuckler" for the word, so, knights and animals...

There used to be a swashbuckling fox on childrens' TV in England. I don't remember much about him, except he wore plumes in his hats and he was, well, swashbuckling... But that got me placing my knight on a trusty steed with a fox in the trees.

Something incongruous? Well, it is October, and if you've been following my drabble blog, you'll know I've got Halloween-itis at the moment. So the favors hanging from my brave knight's sword might still be attached to the hand of the woman that wore them, and then... and then...

All that remained was to stick the pictures together into words, then slash and burn till only 100 remained, and then "publish post." You can see my effort here if you're interested.


Helen Ginger said...

I've never seen the British swashbuckling fox, but there's a swashbuckling cat on some commercial here in the States. Can't remember what he's selling, but I can see him in my head, including the hat with a feather.

Straight From Hel

Laura Eno said...

A great halloween tale!