Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Word Count

It's that time of year. My youngest son is back at college, and the middle one deep in his books for his next exam. Black looks all round. Inspiration flounders under the darkening gray of shortening days, so now I'm digging round all my old manuscripts to clean them up. Maybe they'll gleam and the word-counts might put a spark back into my dreams.

My internet wanderings have led to a few surprising finds this year, including publishers looking for short novellas, novelettes and minis. So I dug out a favorite short story to see if I could make it grow. Reading in search of missing scenes led to writing and now it's reached 8,000 words - almost publishable, though a lot will depend on whether the extra words count for anything worthwhile.

My completed novels weigh in at 65,000 and 80,000 words. I take them out and polish them every fall, but my latest rejection included the injunction to aim for 90,000 or more so there's still a way to go. Meanwhile the "work in progress" (WIP) reached nearly 75,000 words on textnovel. (Just click on the link - all comments and votes will be gratefully received.)

And the children's series; I should really get back to writing that - can't polish number one without completing number two. So what was I saying about inspiration failing in the gray? I thought word-counts would bore me but now I'm eager to write again. Black looks turn bright and my dreams are filled with books.

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