Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Review on the Internet

Fran Lewis is the author of My Name is Bertha, Bertha Speaks Out, and Bertha Fights Back - a set of entertaining and positive children's books about a teenaged girl dealing with weight issues and learning to value who she truly is. Fran takes on some pretty serious issues in her other books too, particularly when she tells her mother's story in Why Me? Why Her? Why Anyone? The Faces of Alzheimer's. So I was honored when she offered to read and review my set of Bible books.

I had a wonderful email back from Fran. She'd even read the books when she wasn't feeling well, and was kind enough to say they helped her feel much better. What more could I want?

And I've found her reviews posted in all sorts of places around the internet. It's so lovely to stumble across them as I wander.

Thank you Fran, and I'll hope to send some readers your way one day and return the favor.


Sun Singer said...

Congratulations on such wonderful feedback. That would make my day!


Helen Ginger said...

Congrats Sheila. I know that was great news to you. Yay!

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