Three Posts in a Day - but I have a good excuse!

Three posts in one day! This is surely a little excessive, but I really can't help it. I'd like to shout it from the mountain tops except it's too far to drive at this time of night. So I'll just post it here...

My story won in the Second Wind mystery contest, and will be appearing together with other stories by new and established authors in their Murder in the Wind anthology.

I won! I'm going to get another story published.

So thank you, thank you, thank you to all of you who voted for me, for your votes and for your kind comments and encouragement. I really enjoyed reading the other two finalist's stories, and I'm just over moon at my good fortune. Thank you.

And thank you Second Wind.


Helen Ginger said…
Congratulations Sheila! Yay!

Straight From Hel
Anonymous said…
Thought I commented on this before...but I guess not. Congrats!!!

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