This morning

This morning they were yellow. Their heads stood high above the pale brown grass, regally crowned without a hint of wind or breeze to stir them. And the shadow of the wall grew shorter, sunlight hotter, and they closed their eyes.

This morning I tried to catch them, tug them, pull them by their roots before the noon, because if I let those golden crowns turn to halos the neighbors might despair of me.

This morning it was hot out there. I weeded in the shade of the wall, then ventured out then hurried back again. And the dandelions, all those that escaped, are waiting still to wave at tomorrow's sun.


Helen Ginger said…
Dandelions are mighty sneaky. They can hang in there even when you tug and tug. Hence their names: dandy lions.

Straight From Hel
Silver said…
Short, so sweet.. but grappling hold of every bit of my attention surely!
Donna M. McDine said…
It's amazing how strong the roots of a dandelion are. Good luck with your ongoing weeding.

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