Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Remember Exposure?

I wrote a blog post about a book called Exposure, by Brandilyn Collins, a while ago. It was back in the days when I'd only just started blogging, and thought I really could manage to write something every day. And I was one of the lucky readers to have a copy of the book just as it was being released.

Last week Brandilyn asked if any of her readers would like to submit questions for a readers' guide to Exposure. That sent me back to remembering how much the book affected me, and soon I was rereading favorite parts and writing my list.

Today Brandilyn has her readers' guide questions posted on her website, and her blog includes a link to my blog and the website of the other winning question writer. I'm thrilled to find that my questions might be relevant to other readers.

So, many thanks for the "exposure" Brandilyn. And many thanks for a really intriguing book, and a fascinating exposure of the trials and consequences of fear.

Find Exposure here on Amazon. I even have a review in there somewhere.

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