Where will you go from here?

Locked in, locked out, wondering who we are or who we will be when the changed world gets back to "normal"... It seems like a good time to read a good book about women wondering just who they are. "You are invited to the rest of your life," says the letter, enticingly reproduced on an early page of this book. And a small group of women accept that invitation, collecting in a rambling farmhouse in a small town, discovering not just who they are but also who they can be.

I really enjoyed it.... A book to be read while drinking a mug of rich, elegant four-star coffee.

Willa’s Grove by Laura Munson

Montana is the star of Laura Munson’s Willa’s Grove, a beautiful place, beautifully depicted, with tiny towns so small one might even be for sale—but what happens to people when their town is sold.

The novel’s “costars” are four women who, like the town of Willa, are wondering where they go “from here.” Each for different reasons feels lost and betrayed by life and friends. And each has arrived at the rambling farmhouse, as much on a whim as in reply to invitation. But a town needs relationships as surely as people do, as surely as crops need farming and animals need care. And just as surely, all can be wild as well.

Willa’s Grove balances wild and tame in human nature and in nature, blending folksy wisdom with fascinating backstories and captivating drama. While none of the characters is immediately relatable, they all prove well worth knowing in their own rights, and they, together with town and country, plus a warm touch of faith hope and love, carry the story on.

The novel is neither self-help nor spiritual, neither romantic nor unromantic, neither traditional nor avant-garde. It’s just a good, surprisingly positive, absorbing women’s read, reminding me, oddly, of The Women’s Room, which I read way way back in college.

Disclosure: I was give a copy and I freely offer my honest review.


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