Searching for Facebook Diamonds?

Are you on Facebook? Would you like to join my page? Or are you hunting for diamonds? You'll have to scroll down to find the treasure I just learned of through Facebook, but to find my page... well, you might have to choose between three, or join them all. is my author page. is my page for the Five-Minute Bible Story Series. And is the page for my mathemafiction series, starting with Divide by Zero (now with real reviews and ratings on Amazon!)

Then there are all those pages of friends of friends, and distracting games (I've not fallen for them yet), or...

diamonds perhaps.

Here's a diamond I found on Facebook today: a 99 cent sale for the charity anthology Gifts of the Magi! It's a Countdown sale, so it bumps to $1.99 Saturday afternoon, and so on, and on, so buy your copies now!

The authors don't make a dime on this, but they hope to raise a bunch for the Indy Reads Books literacy charity with this project, and it looks really cool.

What are your waiting for. Go to Amazon, buy the book, then go to Facebook and join my pages :)


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