The Joys of Book Reviews

At Christmas and birthdays I receive these cool rectangular parcels, all filled with books. Then, throughout the year, I receive more cool rectangular parcels through the post, all filled with books. Then I line my bookshelves and stand half-toppling towers at their side. Then my husband asks, "Why do you want more books?"

I won a book on facebook recently and told the author I was really looking forward to reading it - I am - but it might be next summer before I can post a review. I do post reviews of books I read "just for me," but that's beside the point. The author replied that her review-list stretched into next year too. When I asked why we do this to ourselves she wrote, "because we're addicted." Indeed we are. Still, there are worse addictions. And here are some more book reviews to feed your inner addict. Grab and coffee and enjoy!

That coffee will go really well with this one. In fact, you could leave the book on the coffee table for your guests to enjoy as well. The Dog Stays in the Picture, by Susan Morse, contains some fun family photos, cool vignettes of family life, and lots of treasures for anyone who's ever been a wife, mother, daughter, or lover of dogs. Yes. There's a dog. So drink some lively, easy-drinking two-star coffee and meet the wife of actor David Morse!

Stolen Dreams, by Christine Amsden, completes an enjoyable series of paranormal romantic mysteries. In a sort-of grown-up inverse Harry Potter style, the (female) protagonist is the only non-magical member of a community of magicians. Once deeply in love with the most magical member in all the community, she's been lured away by promises of power, hope and normality. But now she's back, fleeing her latest romance, and finding the fate of family, community, and even maybe the world, could lie in her hands. It's a great ending to an enjoyable series. Deeper and darker than previous novels, it ties up all the loose threads and offers some cool, and wise, surprises. Enjoy with an elegant complex four-star coffee.

Murder Once Removed, by Roz Russel, plays out its mystery and romance on a grittier stage, pitting reporters, detectives and artists against a murderer who seems determine to strike again. Some pages turn fast; some dwell slowly on inner thoughts and meanings. But the blend of art and murder is coolly intriguing. Enjoy with a bold, dark, intense cup of five-star coffee.

John Holt's third Kendall mystery, Epidemic,takes its protagonist on a hunt for a murderer, while the world declares the event was just an accident. Meanwhile a raging epidemic is considered an accident too, and intent is hard to prove. Enjoy with a bold dark intense cup of five star coffee.


I love getting packages in the mail too though I am cutting down on book review tours and on book review requests. Go figure! Happy Sunday!

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