Angels, saints, conservatives and liberals

There are quite a few angels and saints in the book of Acts in the Bible. If you've been following my What IFs blog, you'll know I'm working my way through acts, writing study questions while I prepare to write more children's stories - Peter's Promise and Paul's Purpose perhaps? Meanwhile my publisher at Cape Arago is working hard on getting Jerusalem Journey ready for print. With any luck, I'll have a complete set of four New Testament children's story books ready for Christmas giving, and four would be a really good number wouldn't it?

Anyway, back to those angels and saints... I was offered a book called Angels and Saints to review, and the timing seemed perfect, so here's my review of Angels and Saints, by Scott Hahn. The author is Catholic, and the book provides ample Biblically-based argument for the Catholic view of saints. But it's also a wonderful book for Christians of any flavor, and brings the long history of the church and its faith to life, through selected lives of those close to the time of Christ and close to our time. Plus there are angels. Enjoy this fascinating and very personable read with a rich, elegant cup of four-star coffee, and I'm almost sure you'll learn something.

At the same time, I received a request for review from author Lee Harmon. I enjoyed his accounts of John's Gospel and Revelation tremendously, so I was eager to learn more about him and read his River of Life: Where Liberal and Conservative Christianity Meet. The author introduces himself on the first page as a "agnostic Christian" which surely beats my "mongrel Christian" description of myself, and the truth is, I wouldn't agree with the author on many of his positions. But the book is a well-argued and wonderfully Biblical answer to those who might question his beliefs, and a wise introduction to the things which unite liberal and conservative Christians. Enjoy it with a well-balanced, full-flavored three-star coffee, and again, I'm sure you'll learn something.


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