107 Charing Cross Road

One day, in England, my husband, wise and kind gentleman that he is, suggested we take the train to London and walk along Charing Cross Road. We climbed out from the underground and found a small bookstore. It was a very nice bookstore, filled with mysteries, many at crazy-low prices, so I treated myself with presents to carry back for my birthday, and we walked on. A few steps later we came to...another bookstore. This one was filled with second hand books, cool volumes of photos and essays, with lots about London, transport, the Blitz - perfect for gifts to give my father-in-law. Then we wandered a store full of art books and gorgeous images. Another had stuffed animals in the window and was stuffed with animal books. Another, and another...I like Charing Cross Road!

But then came the store with its front all closed and the signs pointing two doors down to the magic of Foyles!

Did I mention, I like Charing Cross Road! Books, books, books and more books...and more books as well. Spacious staircases lined with books;

aisles filled with books; bookshelves upon bookshelves in space-filling curves (yes I like math too) all filled with books; light bright windows shedding light upon books; floor after floor after floor of books, well-ordered, well-mannered, well-displayed; a coffee shop, and book people lining up for a meeting in the book-lined room upstairs.

There's even a glass-walled elevator. There's a shiny coffee-shop. And there are lots and lots of books. I could have stayed there all week.

So now I'm dreaming; on the childrens' floor, will I ever find a copy of Tails of Mystery? It's just finished its second edits; I rather think it's done; it's coming soon from Linkville Press. And on the floor above, among the adult fiction, will I find that cool white cat from Divide by Zero? I'm close to finishing my edits of the first print proof from Second Wind Publishing; it's coming soon too.

And there, in religious fiction, will I find my Five-Minute Bible Stories one day? Who knows, but I'm certainly dreaming, and I love Charing Cross Road! Did I mention that?


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