Reading slow

Yesterday's reviews were all of quick short reads, so today I'll ring the changes with reviews of longer books, to be enjoyed over several coffee breaks, or even over several days.

Psyche’s Prophecy, book one of the Transformation Series, by Ann Gimpel, combines eco-thriller with psychology, paranormal powers, and sensual romance, with the lights going out over a believably grim Seattle while a psychologist tries to help her patients and herself. Enjoy a a dark, intense 5-star coffee with this one.

Into the Spiral, by Erin Danzer, is another tale of curious powers, set this time in a high school where bookish Ronnie is determined to claim an identity of her own. That identity proves rather different than she expects when a strange new boy starts following her at school. The plot's firmly grounded in young teen dreams, and the story's best enjoyed with a bright lively 2-star coffee.

Still looking at YA fiction, Escape from Eden, by Elisa Nader, is surely a classic. Like a cross between Hunger Games and Section 132, there's heart-searching, heart-wrenching, excitement, innocence and fear. Enjoy with a bold dark 5-star cup of coffee.

Two books by Melissa Foster are next on my list. Contemporary romance with enjoyable characters and wise lessons behind all the drama, Sisters in Love and Sisters in Bloom are the first in a series, and introduce an expanding group of fascinating characters. Sisters in Bloom contains some of the best descriptions of pregnancy I've read in fiction, from pregnant lovemaking and hormonal overload to the sudden onset of contractions and beyond. Enjoy both books with well-balanced 3-star cups of coffee.

Finally, another romantic tale is Calm Before the Storm, by B. J. Robinson. A wealth of disasters befall on Vera and her friends in this deeply Christian tale, and there's drama and mystery as well as faith and romance in the resolving of her fate. With wise lessons in coping, and nicely lowkey prayers, the story runs through its chapter of accidents to an enjoyable conclusion. Enjoy with a lively easy-drinking 2-star cup of coffee.


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