Thursday, March 15, 2012

Kindle overload

It's a good job they make kindles with plenty of space. Twin Bred--a science fiction novel with real science, real social science, and real fiction (see my review of Twin Bred) is free today, as are a whole long list of books on World Literary Cafe. And tomorrow Anne Brear's new Victorian romance "To Take Her Pride" will be available as a free download too. If only I could load my kindle with free time as well as free books, so I could read them all!


Cold As Heaven said...

Many good books for free in Kindle format. I wonder when it will all be free, in the sense that the public libraries offer books for Kindle >:)

Cold As Heaven

Mark Welch said...

So many good books, and so many bad books, available free on the Kindle. Just grabbing them when I find them takes 5-10 minutes every day, even now that I have more than 8,000 books for Kindle (most left out in the cloud, only 100-150 on my tablet at a time).