Beckoned by Light

The hour has changed and morning comes too soon. But those longer evenings are good, sitting by the window, reading by the Beckoning Light...

Actually,I'm only waxing lyrical 'cause I read a book called Beckoning Light and promised a review. Then I read Against the Light. Then the World we Found (beyond the light maybe). And finally The Undead Heart, where light shades to dim. So... book reviews. Drink coffee. Enjoy, by the lengthening beckoning light.

Beckoning Light by Alyssa Rose Ivy, tells the story of teen siblings Charlotte and Kevin returning from Alaska to South Carolina via a different world. First person narrative for both characters provides interesting insight into the points of view of an over-protective brother and a sister who's over-shy and over-eager-to-please, and the strange world beyond the beckoning light has some interesting twists on magic and politics. Enjoy a 2-star easy-drinking coffee with this neat tale.

Against the Light by Dave Duncan is another young adult fantasy, but one that's powerfully complete in itself and deeply intriguing, with hints of English Martyrs, Salem witches and more as three siblings try in different ways to come to terms with the murder of their family. The writing's evocative, the action fierce, the characters, faith and magic wholly convincing, and the mix of religion and politics has powerful resonance in the present world. An elegant complex 4-star coffee would complement this elegantly complex tale.

Heading into the light of adult literary fiction, The World We Found, by Thrity Umrigar, is a beautiful tale of friendship, love and loss as four women who rebelled together at college in India now face the death of one of their own. Time and choices have changed their lives but the question remains, are they still the same women, the same friends underneath? With Hindu-Muslim riots in the backdrop and modern prejudice in the fore, it's a wonderful tale of growing up, growing old, and staying true to self. Enjoy with a 4-star cup of rich complex coffee.

And finally, with vampyres who live in the light, the Undead Heart, by Tate Jackson is the first in a series about vampyres with a difference, and with history. Adding time-travel is an intriguing twist and there are interesting questions about how people (or vampyres) make decisions for each other. You'll need a few cups of 5-star dark intense coffee for this long read.


Alyssa Rose Ivy said…
Thanks for reading and reviewing Beckoning Light!
Sheila Deeth said…
You're very welcome Alyssa. I'm looking forward to reading the sequel

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