A little romantic reading for Guy Fawkes night?

I'm still trying to work out how to post my blogtalkradio interview on my blog--I probably need to read  more how-to-do-it articles, but instead I've been reading novels and story-books, trying to catch up on my reviewing backlog. If you want to listen to me talk about Flower Child (and many other things), just follow this link  http://www.blogtalkradio.com/anjuellefloyd/2011/11/02/author-sheila-deeth.
Then, while it plays, you can come back here and see what I've been reading. (Don't forget the coffee too--coffee ratings for content, not quality, since every tale requires a different brew.)

Starting with a wonderful literary tale, The Twoweeks, by Larry Duberstein reflects the many faces of love in the relationship of two people taking a two-week break from their lives. Happily married, but not to each other, the poet and the actor play roles that neither intended, but fate's a kinder playwright than it seems in this intriguing tale. Drink a 4-star complex-flavored coffee while enjoying this complex tale.

Another tale of love is Loving Joe Gallucci, by Kate Genovese, reviewed for poetic monthly magazine. Click on the link for November's edition to find my review. A romance that spans 30 years, high-class political families and a risky restaurant where drugs and alcohol flow, this is a true tale, filled with as many characters and details as full disclosure might require. It offers a very honest look at the consequences of risky behavior and the trials of Hep. C. Read with a 5-star dark intense coffee.

The Key to Charlotte, by E.A. West, reviewed for Nights and Weekends (Nov 10th) is a much shorter romantic tale, perfect for coffee or lunch break with a 2-star bright, lively coffee. Autistic Charlotte is a silent cleaner in her local church when she meets the new youth leader. Will he, who once overcome the letter-blindness of dyslexia, be able to help find her voice? But maybe God has brought them together for more than just words.

And for those with darker romantic thoughts, there's Cursed to Kill, by Claire Ashgrove--also reviewed for Nights and Weekends. The first of an intriguing series where members of an ancient family seek release from the family curse,  this story reunites two lovers once parted when Cian realized he was bound to murder his beloved.Will he hold his darker nature in check? Will she hold her doubts in check long enough to save him? Another short book, enjoy a 5-star dark-flavored coffee with this intensely sensual tale.

And finally, another lunch-break read, Beloved Life-Mate: Dong of the Sidhi by Jodie B. Cooper creates love in a parallel (second dimension) universe of valleys where mythical creatures--including vampires and elves--have been trapped after a war on their home-world. A young teen just coming into her powers is abducted by an ancient leader, and if only her LifeMate weren't trying to kill her... Drink a 1-star light crisp coffee, and be ready to enjoy the glossary after you've finished your meal--it certainly fills in a hugely detailed background to the story.

So... what have these romantic tales to do with Guy Fawkes Night? Well, I guess Guy Fawkes loved his country so much he wanted to blow up parliament, so why not read about the many guises of love while remembering him?


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