BLOG TOUR: Blogtalkradio interview TODAY !

HELP! I'm on internet radio today, talking on a telephone (never my favorite thing) about Flower Child and whatever else comes up. I'd love to hear from you.

Anjuelle Floyd interviews Sheila Deeth

airing live at 12 Noon PT, 1pm MT, 2pm CT, and 3pm ET

Call in on (347) 215-7740


maryrussel said…
I'd be so nervous. I've never been interviewed on the radio. I'm so excited for you.
Anonymous said…
You'll be great. And you'll have fun.
P.I. Barrington said…
You will be fine Sheila! Just concentrate on the conversation. I was nervous my first time too and I was an air talent on professional radio! You're not alone!
Anonymous said…
I just listened to your blog radio interview and you did a great job. It was nice to hear your voice and learn more about you and your books. Congratulations again!
maryrussel said…
I agree with Sherrie. You were wonderful. It was delightful to hear your voice and your answers to some of her questions just blew me away with their depth and truth.

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