Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Come Back to Me! 99 cents

No, I'm not asking you to pay for my blog tour, but there's a lovely book called Come Back to Me being released today with a great 99 cent deal. Head on over to The Women's Literary Cafe and you'll find that's not the only deal--a fantastic launch party and really good read.

Melissa Foster, is the award-winning author of Chasing Amanda and Megan's Way, and you can tell I enjoy her writing since I've already read all three books. Click the links for...

my review of Megan's Way
my review of Chasing Amanda and
my review of Come Back to Me.

Then go on over and enjoy the party! http://www.womensliterarycafe.com/ for the 99 cent book event, and http://www.melissafoster.com/ for more about the author, plus a really neat video trailer!

Come Back to Me tells the tale of a photographer in Iraq and a wife back home, separated by reports of the photographer's death. Tess determines not to believe the reports while everyone else says move on. Meanwhile Beau is just as determined to "come back" to her. Rescued by an Iraqi family, befriended by a handsome client, both Tess and Beau have their loyalties tested in this tale. A young teen strays from his family, a young man faces loss... and a country sees its own identity changed. This novel explores love and loss, of people, hope, culture and land, with beautiful descriptions, great characters, and a truly absorbing tale.

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Sverige said...

Come Back to Me is such a powerful novel. It is full of rich characters living real lives. As you read you put yourself in their place and feel their hopes, dreams, and unfortunately their pain. You come away feeling as though they are your friends and you've shared in their lives for a while and when you turn the last page of the book and have to say goodbye you feel sad. While I may have expected or even wished for a different ending, this book is so well worth reading. When a book leaves me with my emotions running over like Come Back to Me did.