So, what did you do for the long weekend?

Help!!! It's Thursday, which means it's a whole week since I did the housework or the washing, shopped for everyday food, pulled weeds or cut the grass; a whole week since I applied for any jobs... It's been a week since I wrote anything worth writing too, not that the guys are too worried about that, but my head aches with stories untold. So what did I do for the week-long weekend?

On Friday our youngest son came home--great delight all round, joyful greeting from older brother, and much use of computers ensuing for computer games. Some minor culinary complications of course--one meat-eater, one bread-eater, one vegetarian and one celiac all needing to be fed--so on Saturday we bought meat and bread, plus some tee-shirts and sandals in case the warmer weather ever appears.

On Sunday we bought a flat-screen TV--long-awaited, much-debated, and finally necessitated by its predecessor's ceasing to work. On Monday we connected cables and made lists of new cables required. The TV's too new for those ever-present composite video connections so we cannibalized composite wires as component and the DVD picture went pink. Tuesday we bought new wires; still pink; new DVD player required... We also played board games, built railways all round England and Wales, and went out to dinner where Mexican food satisfied most of our requirements most enjoyably.

Wednesday; more computer games for the younger guys; more board-games for all of us; and a drive to the airport where youngest son flew from the nest once again, which brings me to today... twenty-three job emails, fifty-four blog ones, one hundred and ten social networking notifications, and those stories still dripping their aching words in the back of my aching brain. But there's bathrooms to clean, boring food to be bought, and grass growing high as my knees... Back to real life I guess.

I had a really wonderful long weekend. Hope you did too.


maryrussel said…
Sounds like you had a very busy and productive weekend.

Hope you mange to find some time to write today. I wouldn't want your poor head to explode with all of those untold stories.
I am staring at a pile of stuff I need to go through and can't make myself do it - summer is here! I want to run barefoot through the grass!

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