I finally got those stories down onto paper--well, into the computer. It took a couple of failed attempts to upload them to Lulu, but the formatting's looking pretty good now, the table of contents makes sense, and the fonts are okay. I've even made a cover that seems the match those from the rest of the series. So now I'm proof-reading pdf files on my kindle.

It's strange how much easier it is to spot those mistakes when I can't fix them, but maybe that's the trick; I know I can't fix, so I'm not in writing mode, so I read more carefully? That's my theory anyway--just click the button and highlight the errors (well, all the ones I see). I'll type the changes into Word when I'm done and proof-read the cover. Then I'll re-upload and order my free proof. I wonder how many more errors I'll find when I hold the "real" book in my hand?

Anyway, it's nice to finally get Joshua's Journeys out of my head. Those stories have been burbling round in there for over a year. Time to dream something else...

... or maybe it's time to put those daily dribbles into book form too. Amazing what deadlines can do for you.


Bearman said…
You are way ahead of us who have so much rambling in our head that no one knows where the exit is.
Go for the Drabbles! I love your dribbles and drabbles.

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