Friday, May 6, 2011

Reading while Tidying Up

It's spring. No, it's fast approaching summer--the schools will soon be out (and the tulips too). But I still haven't caught up all on stuff that I left undone at Christmas, saying I'll finish after Mum's gone home. Soon I'll be seeing my Mum again, so perhaps a few days of catchup can be excused--that's my excuse for being away from the internet anyway.

But away from reading? From books? No way... I tidy a box; I clear out the corner of a room; then I read to celebrate--it's less fattening than chocolate.This week's reading includes:

Young adult fiction: I am not Esther, by Fleur Beale. I loved this book. Fourteen-year-old Kirby is sent to live with relatives in an old religious community, and called Esther. The author nicely avoids condemning anyone while showing how Kirby struggles to retain her identity and regain her freedom. A well-balanced book to enjoy with a three-star balanced cup of coffee.

Next comes Judgement Day by Wanda L Dyson, a mystery thriller that delves into society's morals, family relationships, romance, ethics and faith, as cable news host Suzanne Kidwell finds herself on the receiving end of the sort of shoddy reporting that's fueled her TV ratings success. Enjoy a bright, lively two-star coffee with this one.

Jean Henry Mead's Murder on the Interstate is another mystery, half-cozy, half thriller, with well-drawn characters and crisp dialog, zany car-chases and a curious mix of humor and serious fears. Bright and lively, a two-star coffee would go down well with this one too. And, I'll be welcoming the author to my blog in just a few short weeks, so don't forget to come back and read her post on May 23rd.

Finally there's Doctor Confidential by Richard Sheff MD. With my oldest son just finishing his internship year and about to enter residency, this is one I had to read, and though Dr Sheff trained a generation ago, the story of his experiences still reads as immediately relevant and intriguingly up-to-date. With the quick dialog, rapid decisions and lingering struggles to sleep, wake up, have a life, etc, that we see in TV doctor programs, with clear explanations of medicine and the human body in the footnotes, and with some intriguing questions about technology and human understanding, this was a really fascinating read, best enjoyed with the flavors of a 4-star, elegant, complex cup of coffee.

Just click on the links for my reviews on gather, and don't forget to come back May 23rd for Jean Henry Mead's guest post. Meanwhile, I'll get back to all that tidying and catching up.


David C Brown said...

I know the feeling - but that sounds even worse than me. Grace be with you.

Petula said...

Those sound like great books. ... So you write on Gather? Some of my work is published on there, but it has been year since I've signed in or written anything. Small world. :-) ... BTW: I love to read as well.