Did I really just say that I'm an author?

My virus-scanner broke this morning. Probably clicking "yes" to downloading updates wasn't such a good idea while jet-lag rules--I only got back from England yesterday. I clicked "yes" to removing the previous version, and "yes" to restarting my machine. Altogether too many "yes"s. When Windows came back neither old nor new virus scanner could be found anywhere.

Jet-lag still ruling, I proceeded to panic and search for my account on the internet. I typed my virus scanner key-code in and was told it was invalid. I looked for downloads and tried again with similar lack of success. Then I phoned Best Buy since that's where I bought the computer and virus scanner in the first place.

Best Buy keep great records. They also have great geeks in their geek squad. Soon a very nice stranger was moving the mouse about my screen, downloading and activating the latest version and confirming all was well. While installation and updates proceeded, slowly, she asked how my day was going and I confessed not so well--not so well till calling her anyway. I needed my computer I said and she asked me what I do. I write. "Write what?" I have a couple of ebooks out. "How cool!" says she and asks their names so she can look them up later, then adds, "so you're an author" and I say yes.

My hands are still shaking. Did I really just say I'm an author, to a complete stranger, over the phone? I hope she finds and likes the books. I hope I gave her the right names. I hope my jet-lag improves as the day goes by. But at least the virus scanner's working now... and hey, maybe I really am an author after all.


Bearman said…
Look at all those books in the margin...YES you are an author. Hopefully one day it will be preceeded by "Bestselling"

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