The Best Singer you might never hear

Liam McNally was a finalist in Britain's Got Talent in 2010. At 14 years old he had the most incredible soprano voice--you can hear Liam on Youtube here and I'm sure you'll agree. But when I was in England I got to hear a demo recording of how he sings now, at 15, and it was incredible! He still has all the beauty and range of his soprano voice, now with the added depth and maturity of an extra year and a fantastic alto. I've never heard anyone anywhere sing like Liam does. But apparently getting someone to produce a record of him is as hard as getting a publisher when you want to write. I'm lucky; I know the longer I wait, and practice, the better my writing will get. But a 15-year-old young man with an incredible voice can't share that confidence. The producers tell him to come back in seven years when his voice has broken. And here he is, with an unbroken, beautiful, incredible, powerful voice, that no-one else can hear. I wish, I wish, I wish I could buy the record.


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