Thursday, November 18, 2010

Some cozy books for a rainy day

It seems like a while since I posted a list of reviews. I think I must have been distracted by something. I think I'm still distracted--runs round the room. And no, the housework's not getting done; at least, not just now. But the contract's been sent and I really need to get down to reading and writing.

So, what have I read recently on that reading journey? Too many books to list I think, so I'll put the mysteries and cozies here first and write another post with some more...

As usual, if you click on the links you'll find my longer book reviews on gather.

Murder in Winnebago County, and Buried in Wolf Lake, by Christine Husom: Two murder mysteries set around the very likeable and believable Sgt. Corky Aleckson, with a very authentic feel, down-to-earth characters, and villains that are scarily real.

A Miracle at Speedy Motors: The 9th Number One Ladies' Detective Agency novel by Alexander McCall Smith, and I'm still addicted. I love the way he lets his readers see another culture and at the same time turns our view of our own on its edge.

Hide in Plain Sight, by Marta Perry: The first of a series set in a guest house in Amish country, combining homely kindness with a series of accidents that just might be deliberate.

And Christmas Mourning, by Margaret Maron: The first I've read from this series, I loved the feel of a small-town courthouse, sympathetic judge with real family and real life, genuine love, genuine teenagers, cell phones and murder...

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