Saturday, November 27, 2010

Friday's Gift

It took a while before I realized Black Friday referred to future shopping, not some dire historical event. Having learned, I decided not to participate--there must be better ways to work off those calories than going to war with the neighbors. Meanwhile the internet was full of sites advising "Shop Black Friday deals from the comfort of your own home," conveniently forgetting the internet would reduce to a blank screen on Thanksgiving--well, blank screen with tiny icon saying "waiting for" while you wait for "" Still, Amazon's advertised deal on Black Friday Kindles was certainly enticing--would my scruples (and internet) hold me back, or would I try?

They said the deal would start at 9am Pacific time, so my husband brought me coffee in bed at 8:20. By 8:40 I was awake and sitting at the computer, which was slightly less awake. Middle son was reminding me "Don't read your emails Mom. Just go to Amazon."

The page loaded at around 8:55. One item in the "kindle lightning deal"; one countdown, surprisingly, ticking without "waiting"... "Deal starts in 0:00:01" then suddenly "Add to cart." Fingers shaking, I clicked the right spot. "You have 14 minutes and 43 seconds in which to complete your purchase," said the pop-up screen, which again, somehow suffered no delay. So I went to my cart, filled in the appropriate details, watched pages refresh (slowly), and won the day.

The internet's full of tales of those who failed to get that Kindle, so I'm sorry. Honest. But I'm pleased as well. My first Black Friday shop and I succeeded; I live to tell the tale. Mixed emotions? Maybe that's why they call it black.

And Black Widow's slated for release from Gypsy Shadow in December!


maryrussel said...

Congrats on snagging a Kindle.

Bearman said...

Hope you didn't buy the knock off Krindle instead..haha. j/k

Cold As Heaven said...

Good timing, Sheila. Your book will be out just in time for the Christmas shopping. Did you plan it that way?

Cold As Heaven

Aubrie said...

I got a few black Fridays deals on Amazon myself! It's much better shopping from the comfort of your own home!

Congrats on your deal!

Claudia said...

Ah Black Friday! Oh how I miss that day! Living in Canada now, I don't get the luxury of enjoying the madness of this day ;)

Sheila Deeth said...

The parcel arrived yesterday--amazingly quick. I'm not allowed to "use" it yet, but of course, I had to plug it in to make sure it works, and it does.

Maybe I'll have to read my own book on kindle one day--I think there's a way to transfer pdfs, but I'll have to wait till Christmas now to find out.

Patricia Stoltey said...

I hate shopping anyway, so the thought of hitting the stores on Black Friday gives me cold chills. Love the online thing, though.