Drabbled it !

Last October I challenged myself to write (or at least post) a drabble a day on my writing blog. A year's gone by and now, give or take the odd day missed and some with two postings, I've got a whole years-worth of drabbles. I've collected them into hand-made mini-books to sell as drabble-birthday cards, with a master copy on Lulu, Drabble-IT, that contains the whole set. (366, 'cause I added one, just in case the year in question should plan to leap.) If you should happen to be looking for a calendar with a difference (or with stories and poems), well, I'd love to sell you one...

Meanwhile I've challenged myself this year to post a dribble a day--50 words instead of 100. It's definitely harder so I'd really appreciate the occasional visit, just to keep me on my toes: http://sheiladeethdrabbles.blogspot.com


Anonymous said…
Good work Sheila!
Keep on drabbling :-)

Congratulations! I follow another blogger, Rayna, who drabbles every single day, and I know it's tough. But you can do it!
abitosunshine said…
You are one dedicated author, Sheila. Bravo for you!

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