Thursday, August 5, 2010

A gold star for HP

One long phone-call, much cutting and pasting and editing of firewall permissions, a bit of uninstalling and reinstalling, a few crossed fingers, time for a quick cup of coffee while the machines restart again... and the very kind lady at HP tech support has got it all fixed up and running beautifully. I can print and scan successfully from my nice new Windows 7 machine. My son can print and scan from his slightly less new Vista machine. And the printing comes out formatted right, margins where we want them to be, book-pages ready to be folded in half and stapled. I'm feeling very happy. And the lady at HP deserves several gold stars. Thank you HP.


Stephen Tremp said...

We have scanning problems. Kids knocked over a heavy lamp onto wifey's 3 in 1 and broke the glass on the scanner, and my Dell 3 in 1 for my PC has a serious attitude problem. Sigh. But at least the kids aren't wasting all our ink printing stuff.

Stephen Tremp

Laura Eno said...

It sounds like you've had quite a time with printer problems. Glad it got straightened out. I will now cross my fingers that mine keeps plugging away. :)

Helen Ginger said...

It's always good to hear someone praise support help for anything. That's usually rare.

We had a tech support guy out to the house yesterday to work on some problems. One was getting all four computers in the house to be able to wirelessly print on one printer. It appears to be working. Yay!


Terry Odell said...

Good customer service is such a rarity, it seems. Glad you found someone who actually helped you!

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