Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The empty plains of Idaho

It's the longest drive I've ever done entirely on my own--Salt Lake City, Utah to Portland, Oregon.
I decided to make sure I stayed awake by stopping at every rest area and view point.
All those stops, lots of coffee, bottles of Coke in Utah and Idaho and Pepsi in Oregon (I'm not sure what the logic was to that)
... and gluten free granola bars definitely helped.
Utah's hills and mountains are always beautiful.
Oregon's eastern valleys are separated by picturesque passes.
But Idaho... One thing I learned is that Idaho is wider than it looks, and emptier, and its plains go on forever, and the gaps between its rest areas are big.
Still, perhaps it just suffered from lying between destinations.
And perhaps, now I'm getting back to writing, I'll have to be careful that the middles of my books don't get too long and boring either,
but provide suitable entertainment and refreshment to the reader.


Laura Eno said...

That's a long drive to make by yourself. Thanks for sharing the photos!

Bearman said...

You were stopped when you took those pictures....right??

Carol Kilgore said...

Great photos. I've never been to any of those states. But I have driven by myself from Houston to Nashville. It's about the same distance. I chose iced tea from McD's.

josh healy said...

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Cold As Heaven said...

looks like you passed some nice scenery on your way >:)

Cold As Heaven

maryrussel said...

I love your last paragraph/caption. Always a good idea to leave the reader wanting more, not less. :)

A Boy and his God said...

you have a really fun blog. breathtaking photos.
good post!

abitosunshine said...

Long drive, bravo for you, and I enJOYed your photo essay, too, Sheila! Nice comparison of the ongoing plains to storyline!

Please check out my new blog:

Blessings & a bit o' sunshine!

Patricia Stoltey said...

This post is really good! The photos tell the story, but the way you tie that into writing is very effective. Well done!