Friday, July 9, 2010

Reading, writing, housekeeping and catching up on yardwork as fast as I can

Reading: It seems like ages since I listed linked to my book reviews for That Reading Journey. In fact, it really is ages - almost a month! So, what have I read in the last month? Click the links for my reviews on Gather.

Eclipse: I liked it better than the first two Twilight books, so I guess I'd better try to catch up with the fourth one day.

Anansi Island: A fascinatingly creepy lunch-time read with an intelligent female protagonist.

Fall Asleep Forgetting: Truly wonderful, and one that sticks in the memory, Fall Asleep Forgetting tells the stories of a loose-knit trailer-park community coming to terms with joy and tragedy while beautifully nurturing the rhythms of life.

Mean Streets: Well, I am a Harry Dresden fan, and the other novellas here are great introductions to other paranormal mystery writers.

Widow's Walk: Another memorable tale, this one has a light touch in dealing with emotional pain, a sure hand with the timing, and an odd and enduring sense of hope.

The Secret of the Sacred Scarab: A fun mystery for young readers, with some excellent historical background on Egypt, exciting adventures, and very pleasant and plausible young protagonists.

A Woman Called Sage: Another strong female protagonist, this time working as a bounty hunter and seeking her husband's killers. A really good read.

Payback in Wayback: A fun short Texas romance, perfect lunch-time read or bedtime story for weary Moms.

The Partnership: Think John Grisham, or Scott Turow. A fascinating look at the rising tides of a powerful legal firm, and an intriguing mystery.

Harry, A History
: I'm a Harry Potter addict too, and this was a fun look into the background to the Leaky Cauldron and the various book and movie releases.

Excuse Me Miss: I only read the first chapter of this (because it was free), but it's definitely worth reading more.

Immortal Outlaw: I read the first in this series a while back - romance, history, Vikings cursed with immortality, Robin Hood - could it really all fit together? Indeed it could, and I'm really enjoying these books.

Stone Totem: This is the one I got from the author after whale-watching in his boat. A really enjoyable adventure set in the Pacific Northwest (Canada) leaving the reader with lots to think about.

Writing: I've written a few other things besides book reviews. Click on Writing to catch up on my daily drabbles. I'm trying hard to fulfil the Hundred Drabbles of Summer Challenge, but more time to write would help.

: Yes, I'd better empty the washing machine again, and refill it. The boys kept house fine in our absence, but there's lots to catch up on now I'm back.

Yardwork: I cut the grass this morning, and pulled out some small part of the grass that wasn't meant to be there. I found flowers underneath, and herbs. There's lots more to do.

So that was my month. How was yours?


techranger said...

My week... The big sugar maple tree in our yard just up and died... my son was laid-off... it has been too hot to enjoy our back porch... but...

Now I have a place to plant that oak tree I've been wanting to plant... my son has the opportunity of finding another, more rewarding job and will end up just exactly where God wants him to be, for His glory and because of His great love... I can be with the Lord anywhere (not just on my back porch). Life is good and we are so blessed. Each day is a day closer to His coming... praise our Father in Heaven. :)

Life is short... don't forget to smell the roses as you do your yard work... :)

God bless!


Cold As Heaven said...

Don't waste too much time on the housekeeping, Sheila. It doesn't help; next week you just need to do it all over again >:)

Cold As Heaven

sarah said...

holy read alot...alhtough in this's a great way to pass the time ☺

maryrussel said...

There are just not enough hours in the day. Sounds like you have been keeping yourself gainfully occupied.

You can ignore it but I've awarded you with a versatile blogger award on my blog.

I know you have already won a couple of these and it's time consuming to respond to them. I just wanted to let you know I am thinking of you and who knows, the link may help. :)

Amy DeTrempe said...

Busy, like yours. I don't have time to read so I've started getting books on CD and love it. Now between getting my son ready for his youth gathering, getting ready for the RWA conference in two weeks and doing makeup for Les Mis, which opens on Friday, I don't know if I am coming or going. Oh well, better to be busy I guess

Carol Kilgore said...

Laundry ... it never ends.