Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Even More Versatile?

I just won another Versatile Blogger award, this time from my friend Ruth at Abitosunshine Love and Writing. It seems like there's more than "a bit" o' sunshine today, so maybe summer's finally on its way. But I really haven't found any new blogs in the last couple of days since I'm still catching up on blogs and friends that I already know. Maybe I'll let my last post stand as an acceptance of the award, while still thanking Ruth. And if your sun's being slow to wake up to the season, go visit her; it's always shining at Abitosunshine.


Cold As Heaven said...

Yea, why not?

Cold As Heaven

Cheryl Snell said...

Congrats! An award always make a person feel shiny.

Aubrie said...

Congrats on getting the award twice!

techranger said...

Congratulations! It's nice to be versatile... :)