Thursday, May 6, 2010

Snowflakes in May

A member of our writing group issued a challenge to create a small book, or other writing project, from scratch. Impelled by my excitement at finally picking 5 poems to send to Poetic Asides yesterday, I decided to try to compile some of my other poems into a "chapbook." If you've ever tried that, you'll know what "fun" it is trying to order, reorder, pick, reject, repick, etc...

I bought the Snowflake Pro software a while ago to help organize my novel-writing. It was on sale for a ridiculously low price, and it has indeed got me more organized, though I'm not sure I use it the right way - more as a list-what-I've done machine than one to point me in the right direction. Still, organization after the event is better than no organization..., and those poems really needed to be organized.

I decided to list my poems like chapters in Snowflake Pro, with critical lines or comments like scene descriptions, and there I was, just dragging them up and down the page and working out which order worked best. It was really neat. Thank you Snowflake Guy!

So, today I'm looking at the blogs I follow and just found a notice that Advanced Fiction Writing is running a sale. Snowflake Pro's selling for half-price, just till the 7th. You'll have to hurry if you want to try it out, but I though I should at least give you the link in case you're interested.

And now I'll get back to wondering if a poetry chapbook should include pictures, and how to make the cover. Colored card? Colored image? I guess the Snowflake software's not going to help me with that.


Cold As Heaven said...

Snow flakes in May; yes indeed. Last week we had 10 inches of fresh snow. Two days ago, Tuesday this week, I had to wipe fresh snow off the car before driving to work. Fun isn't it, your metaphor is just what's happening in my place. Global warming appears to be a big hype >:)))

Cold As Heaven

Sun Singer said...

Yikes, I thought you were having a late snow storm and that it was heading for us.

Putting together a chapbook sounds like a good exercise because it focuses one's attention again on the poems--themes, subject, strengths.

Best of luck with it.

Steve Finnell said...

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maryrussel said...

Thanks for the link. Right now I don't have any extra money to spend. Perhaps they will offer it on sale when I am in better financial shape. I'm glad you found it useful for your chapbook.