Friday, May 21, 2010

Carry your Business Cards everywhere

I wander the internet, meeting a world of wannabe writers like me, and real writers, and really skilled wannabes, and maybes, and almosts, and ams. I pick up hints which I try to obey, and I work on remembering to say that "I write" when people ask "What do you do?" They usually walk off muddled and confused.

One thing I learned a long while back was that you're always meant to carry a stack of business cards. "You'd be amazed how many opportunities you get to give them away," or so they say. Though I haven't plucked up courage yet to offer cards to strangers, and I'm still unamazed.

I do carry them though, most of the time, but when I went to my son's graduation, I decided not to bother. It was his day, not mine. And for the first time ever, someone sitting next to me asked "What do you do?" was interested in my answer, and wanted to know how he could find my books.

John, if you're out there, you'd've made my day except for it's being my son's day. Instead you made my next day, month and year in memory. You wrote down my website and I thought how I wished I'd remembered to bring a card. And yesterday I found out I'd sold a book. I've no idea if it's you that bought it, but whoever it was, thank you so very much!!!

So now I'll go back to carrying my business cards around. Maybe there's hope for me yet.


Ann Best said...

Never thought about carrying cards. Thanks for the post on the subject. And glad someone bought your book. I hope to soon.

abitosunshine said...

Sheila, BRAVO on the book sale!

And thanks for the reminder that I simply must get some business cards printed up!

Aubrie said...

I really need to get business cards I don't even have them yet!

Cold As Heaven said...

I always forget my business cards; never have them when I need them >:)

Cold As Heaven

Sun Singer said...

Same thing happens to me. Since I don't carry a day-timer or briefcase, I put the cards in my wallet. Sooner or later after they're all bent up, I throw them away. That guarantees somebody will ask for one.


maryrussel said...

I carry mine everywhere too. So far no one has asked for one but I also include a card with every book I sell directly now. You never know who they might give it to. Even if they only use it as a bookmark, at least it's being put to good use.