Wednesday, May 13, 2009

So what did you do for Mothers' Day?

I phoned my Mum on Sunday, but it wasn't Mothers' Day in England, so we didn't exchange any special wishes; just switched our computers on and skyped and enjoyed temporarily shrinking the miles between us.

Other than that - my husband was ill, so I gave him breakfast in bed; met some friends at church and drank coffee; woke my son up and gave everyone lunch; went shopping, on my own; made dinner; read a book while the guys watched soccer on TV...

...which doesn't sound much, but I really enjoyed Mothers' Day. Having the chance to read when the house isn't empty around me is always a bonus. And the strange coincidence of my cell phone ringing just as I parked the car, contrary to all Murphy's laws, was a wonderful Mothers' Day gift. It was also a phone call from our oldest son that I got to enjoy all on my own, uninterrupted, so I'm glad I was shopping alone. And since I didn't get any presents, I got to order my next proofs from Lulu. What more could I want?

I had a really good Mothers' Day. I hope you did too.
And if the proofs look good, maybe I'll offer the books for sale on Lulu soon.

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Donna M. McDine said...

Hi Sheila:

Happy to hear you had a nice Mother's Day. Shopping alone...terrific. We were low key, my parents came for dinner.

Best wishes,