Thursday, May 14, 2009

Reading outside my comfort zone

My husband thinks I have no taste in music. Whatever our sons decide to play, I always decide to like it. I'll admit some tastes are harder to acquire than others. But I want and I value the connection that music provides. It's well worth the effort.

Sometimes I wonder what my husband would think of my taste in reading. I've been introduced to some beautiful books on the internet recently: Brandilyn Collins' Exposure, Judy Duarte's Mulberry Park, Aaron Lazar's upcoming mystery, Pat Bertram's two new books and more... These are some of the ones I knew I'd love, but there are others I've enjoyed that have taken me out of my comfort zone. I'm still happy to read them because I love words, and books, and meeting people, but my husband would probably tell me I have no taste.

Reading some things takes more effort than others, I'll agree. But I wonder if I might end up writing better characters if I can imagine them with tastes that differ from those expected of me. It's worth a try.

Meanwhile, if you want to read my book reviews, just follow the link on the right hand side of this page.

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