Have you ever called someone Messy?

Today I have a very cool young guest on my blog. Her name is Misry and she's here from Paromita Goswami's middle-schoo, teen and YA book, Grow Up Messy, published by Ficus India. So, find yourself a comfy chair and a cup of tea or coffee. Let's talk with Misry.

Misry, can you tell us something about your family and the place where you live?

I have a big family at my Dadu’s house. Let me talk about them. I visited there during Pallavi Mashi’s marriage. It’s a huge house with lots of people and many different kind of animals.  Dadu, Dida, Nilesh Mama his wife Soma Mami their identical twins Dia and Ria along with Pallavi Mashi live there. And also the white Pomeranian dogs Bura and Buri. You will just love the place. Back home, its only me, Ma and Daddy. And I don’t like it. I have nobody to play with at home.

That sounds sad. Do you have any friends there?

My best friends are Bheeru and Honey. But cross your heart that you won’t share this little secret with anyone else. Its Honey, who is my best friend ever. Bheeru sometimes fought with me and didn’t allow me to play with his goat kids. But I have long back forgiven him for that. But Honey never fought with me. We are the best buddies. 

So... just two friends?

Err.. No.. I have lots of friends. Phulwa, Robi, Boney, Honey’s younger brother are my friends.

That sounds fun. Do you have any enemies?

Enemies?? What enemies?? I don’t have any. Ma says I should make friends and play with everybody. But I am very angry when some of the boys take me for granted and always make fun of me. I don’t mind teaching them a lesson!

I don't blame you. I heard they even call you Messy sometimes. How does that make you feel?

I feel bad when someone calls me Messy. What if I can’t climb up the trees or swim across the river? I don’t ruin the plans deliberately. It just happens to fall apart at the last minute. Am I to be blamed for that? 

Do you think they'll still call you Messy once you make friends with them?

It was Raju who called me by that name first. And slowly everybody else started calling me by that name as if that is my good name. Evem Ma calls me that when she is angry with me. But I am not Messy.

No, I'm sure you're not. I guess I'll have to read your book to find out more about you though. Thank you so much for visiting my blog today.

Childhood is considered to be the best time of one’s life. What if you get a chance to live it once more with a five-year-old?
Misry, a naughty five-year-old girl, lives with her parents in a B.S.F border outpost near Indo-Bangladesh border. But with no schools and friends she feels very lonely. She tries to befriend some local village kids. But they find her incompetent in their rural antics. They nickname her Messy as most of the time she messes up their plan. Can Misry really be a part of the gang?
Set in the early eighties, join Misry in the adventures of her life.


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Paromita Goswami is a writer and storyteller by passion and a rebel by choice. She says the world is full of stories and as a writer she loves to pen them down. Her work is not genre specific. From literary fiction to children book to upcoming paranormal thriller and women fiction, Paromita Goswami‘s books offer the variety of life to her readers. Grow Up Messy! is her second book. She debuted in 2015 with Shamsuddin’s Grave, a literary fiction. Besides writing, she is also the founder of reading club that enhances book reading habit in children. She lives in central India with her family.




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