I love the touch of paper in the morning

I never really liked newspapers. In the old days I didn't like the way the print came off on my fingers (and on the sandwich if I were foolish enough to read while eating). But even when the inks improved, I still didn't like the feel of endless sheets all crackling and strange as they entangled me. Then they shrank the pages but everything still felt too big, too scattered, too eager to distract me, especially with color, and get away. So I'd rather read books.

Then papers became electronic. My husband and I started lazing in bed every morning, sharing a tablet's glowing page. Which is okay. But I'd still rather read books. While I never liked the touch of newsprint in the morning, I love the touch of real, clean, neatly printed paper, the crispness of pages, their solid feel, the way I can rest the book on my leg and know the page won't turn while I'm checking the clock, while I'm suddenly realizing, HELP! Perhaps it's time to get breakfast in the morning.

Did I mention coffee. I love the taste of coffee in the morning too, a perfect accompaniment to books and enewspapers. So choose your read and I'll offer a brew to match as I review these three real, solid, printed, thoroughly wonderful books.

First is a wonderful literary tale of mystery and detection, River of Glass, by Jaden Terrell. A tale of fractured memories and fractured lives, it brings together East and West, and sends a former detective hunting human traffickers while trying to find and come to terms with surprise revelations about his own family. Highly recommended. Enjoy with a richly elegant, complex, four star coffee.

From the same publisher, A Billions Ways to Die, by Chris Knopf, continues and, for the time being, concludes a trilogy about a man whose perfect life was shattered when his wife was killed and he was shot in the head. But Arthur Cathcart's genius has survived intact, if lacking a few of his former much-prided skills. He's caught the guys who tried to destroy him, and he's enjoying a new life of love, hope and promise in the Caribbean. Then death tries to catch him again. What follows is filled with convincing high-tech sluething, clever plotting and planning, great characters, and compelling mystery as Cathcart tries to get his second life returned. Enjoy with another rich, elegant, complex four-star coffee.

Last in my trilogy of wonderful print books is The Reluctant Jesus, by Duncan Whitehead. Imagine Christopher Moore's Gospel according to Biff set in New York at the Millennium and you'll get the idea. It's great fun, gently thought-provoking, seriously cool, and a thoroughly good read. Enjoy with a well-balanced, smooth, full-flavored three-star coffee.


Coffee and a book sounds like a heavenly way to have breakfast, I agree!
CA Heaven said…
I enjoy reading the morning paper while eating breakfast. It's like my morning ritual, every day before going to work >:)

Cold As Heaven

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