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Today I'm delighted to welcome author Jackie Gamer to my blog for a wonderful interview. No, I'm not interviewing Jackie, but Jackie is interviewing the redoubtable Ela Greenscale. Don't know who Ela Greenscale is? Then you mustn't have read Jackie's new book Reclamation yet. Reclamation is the long-awaited conclusion to Jackie's excellent Leland Dragon series--I know it's long-awaited because I've been long awaiting it. And I'm delighted to get this chance to meet the wonderful Ela. Over to you Jackie, and welcome to my blog, Jackie and Ela:

“Interview with Ela Greenscale” by Jackie Gamber

Thank you, Sheila, for having me as a guest on your blog today! I’ve brought a guest of my own with me today, and we’ll be discussing her role in the final book of my Leland Dragon series, “Reclamation”. Please welcome with me, Ela Greenscale.

Hurray!! Welcome!!!

EG: Thank you for having me.

JG: Ela, you’re a newcomer to the series, having made your first appearance in the final book entitled “Reclamation.”

EG: Yes, but my Greenscale lineage goes back to the beginning, and even before that, before you began recording the period of time in Leland you’ve chosen.

JG: Right. Speaking of Leland, and the series, from “Redheart” as book one, which is where the
series begins. In Leland, and from the Leland perspective.

EG: It was the beginning of the big change. Rumbles, you might say. The portent of things to come.

JG: And then the move into Esra, a neighboring province, in “Sela”, book two.

EG: Yes, but again, it is the story of Leland, and her gypsies.

JG: Gypsies. Hm. I like that. Have you ever considered a career in writing?

EG: I have. In “Reclamation”, book three, in fact, my role has a bit to do with writing, although not quite the way you mean.

JG: And you had the opportunity to get a bit closer and more personal with an elusive type we’ve all known to be more mystery than anything else: Fane Whitetail.

EG: I am not comfortable discussing that.

JG: Oh, sure, of course. No spoilers!

EG: Spoilers?

JG: Um. You know, we don’t want to give away any plots in the story.

EG: Oh. Yes. Right. I see. Yes, that is what I mean.

JG: But you also have a good perspective for your dragonkind in “Reclamation”, helping them to
understand their part in healing and moving forward. I understand you worked quite closely with the Redhearts. Sela, in particular.

EG: Sela and I have become friends, yes.

JG: Have you ever noticed how similar your names are?

EG: I’m sorry?

JG: Your names. Sela. Ela. Quite similar.

EG: Oh. No, I had not realized.

JG: Maybe because the two of you also have similar—

EG: No. A coincidence, I assure you.

JG: I see.

EG: Dragonspeak does favor soft consonants at the front of the mouth, so many dragon names have similarities.

JG: Makes perfect sense. What else makes perfect sense, readers? Picking up your own copies of “Redheart”, “Sela”, and now available, “Reclamation”, books one through three of the Leland Dragon series.

I'm eager to read Reclamation, and I loved Redheart and Sela. So yes, blog readers, that would make wonderful sense!! But wait, Ela's still talking...

EG: For instance, the name Kallon also makes use of the soft ‘L’.

JG: Indeed it does. Thank you, Ela Greenscale, for visiting with me today as a guest on Sheila’s blog.

EG: The name Riza, in fact, is a tricky one for most dragons to pronounce. There is no real dragonspeak translation for ‘Z’.

JG: Right.

EG: Shhh. ZShhhh.

JG: Pardon?

EG: The ‘Z’ sound. Hard to get my teeth around. ZZShhh.

JG: I see what you mean. But, readers, it isn’t hard to get your hands around a copy of the Leland Dragon stories! Available now!

…zzzzzzz. Hm. Seems easy enough for me.

Jackie Gamber is the award-winning author of many short stories, screenplays, and novels, including “Redheart”, “Sela”, and “Reclamation”, Books one through three of the Leland Dragon Series. For more information about Jackie and her mosaic mind, visit http://www.jackiegamber.com

And meet Jackie elsewhere on the world wide web at:

 Thank you Jackie and Ela. I loved hosting you and I loved your interview.
And for more info.....

Author: Jackie Gamber
Featured Book Release
Book Three of the Leland Dragon Series
February 24 to March 2, 2014

Jackie_authorAbout the Author: As an award winning author, Jackie writes stories ranging from ultra-short to novel-length, varieties of which have appeared in anthologies such as Tales of Fantasy and Dragons Composed, as well as numerous periodical publications, including Orson Scott Card’s Intergalactic Medicine Show, The Binnacle, Mindflights Magazine, Necrotic Tissue, and Shroud. She is the author of the fantasy novel Redheart and Sela, and writing an alternate history time travel novel. She blogs professionally for English Tea Store.com, where she reviews classic science fiction and fantasy novels and pairs them with the ideal tea-sipping companion.

Jackie is a member of the professional organizations Science Fiction Writers of America and Horror Writers Association. She was named honorable mention in L. Ron Hubbard’s Writers of the Future Award, and received a 2008 Darrell Award for best short story by a Mid-South author. She is the winner of the 2009 Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley Award for Imaginative Fiction for her story The Freak Museum, a post-apocalyptic tale that looks closely at perceptions and outward appearances and how they affect the way we see ourselves. Jackie Gamber was co-founder and Executive Editor of Meadowhawk Press, a speculative fiction publisher based in Memphis. One of their novels, Terminal Mind by David Walton, won the Philip K. Dick Memorial Award in 2009. Jackie also edited the award winning benefit anthology, Touched By Wonder. She has been a guest lecturer at Memphis Options High Schools, and is a speaker at writers’ conferences from Michigan to Florida. Jackie is also the visionary behind the MidSouthCon Writers’ Conference, helping writers connect since 2008.
Book Synopsis Reclamation: The exciting conclusion of the Leland Dragon Series! Leland Province remains in danger. The sinister Fordon Blackclaw has returned from the shadows to strike at the heart of neighboring Esra, killing its Venur and making clear his intentions to retake what was once his: Mount Gore, seat of the Leland Dragon Council.

All around, the land grows weaker and weaker. Leland, once thought saved by Kallon Redheart, is without purpose, and within its borders, Murk Forest, a place of mystery and danger, has driven its inhabitants to seek aid. Esra is in flames, and the Rage Desert grows. Dragon and human alike struggle to find their way, and the wizard Orman can sense that there may be more at stake than the affairs of dragons.

Hope remains, yet it is not without obstacles. In Esra, Sela, the daughter of Kallon and Riza, found the well, a source of life, and made herself whole again. But her homecoming is not what she had

Old wounds buried deep must reopen if life is to continue. Dragons, humans, wizards, and shape shifters are all at risk as the peace between dragon and human has finally been broken. War is here. The stakes? Perhaps the whole world.

Author Links:
Website: http://www.jackiegamber.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Mosaic-Mind-of-Jackie-Gamber/334783969938507
Twitter: @jackiegamber

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Amazon Links for Reclamation
Print Version http://www.amazon.com/Reclamation-Jackie-Gamber/dp/193792940X
Kindle Version http://www.amazon.com/Reclamation-Leland-Dragon-Series-Jackie-ebook/dp/B00HFPOU36


CA Heaven said…
Funny. I liked the question "have you ever considered a career in writing". Would be kind of the counterpart of Michel Houellebecq who becomes a major character in his own novel "The Map and the Territory". >:)
it's very interesting. I like the book :)

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