Good news, bad news, and intermediate news... plus book reviews

The good news is:
  • Divide by Zero, Infinite Sum, and Imaginary Numbers may all soon have a home. A publisher has promised to send me a contract, so watch this space... or hold your hands over your ears so my shrieks of disbelieving joy when I receive it won't deafen you.
The intermediate news is:
And the bad news is:
  • It's Friday. It's November. HELP !!!!! Where is the year going? Half these book reviews were due last week, and I just knew I'd get them posted first thing on Monday. If you're one of the authors, please accept my apologies. And if anyone has a time machine handy to lend me, perhaps I'll mange to catch up.
All good time machines include coffee-makers of course, so grab a mug, and see what book you'd like to read with that low-fat Mayan mocha.

Let's tour the universe of books this time, starting, where else, in England. A Jane Austen Encounter, by Donna Fletcher Crow is a beautifully English mystery set in the world of Jane Austen. The author brings the English countryside and people to vivid life--well, apart from the dead body of course--and it's all great fun--intriguing whether or not you're an Austen fanatic. With such a well-balanced, full-flavored tale, I'd recommend a well-balanced 3-star cup of coffee.

Moving between England and Europe, Anita Clenney's the Fountain of Secrets takes its protagonists from the US to the world of sacred mysteries and relics, via haunted castles, hidden memories, and the threat of an ancient Reaper. But whatever happened to Adam? Good quick fun, with plenty of romance, enjoy this with a lively easy-drinking 2-star cup of coffee.

We can stay awhile in Europe for The Ravens of Solemano, or the Order of the Mysterious Men in Black, by Eden Unger Bowditch. And, before you ask, the dual title makes perfect sense once you read the book. There's a lovely old-fashioned feel to this children's series, combined with a thoroughly up-to-date sense of mystery and science. I'm really enjoying it and eagerly searching for book one now I've read book two. Think Harry Potter crossed with steampunk, or Catching Fire for kids. And enjoy a rich elegant complex 4-star coffee while you read.

Nymphs’ Labyrinth, by Danica Winters takes place in Europe too, on the island of Crete where an archeologist is seeking the famed labyrinth of myth, while a woman who just might be a creature of myth simultaneously falls in love with and tries to thwart him. An intriguingly modern take on ancient mythology, it's a fun, sensual read. Enjoy with a lively easy-drinking 2-star cup of coffee.

Book two of Danica Winters' series takes place in North America. Montana Mustangs brings together a lonely cop and a horse-training inheritor of Greek mythology. The logic's a little confusing at times, but the story's fun. Enjoy a darker 5-star coffee with this some--it has it's gory scenes.

Hide and Seek, by H. L. Wegley, is firmly set in the hills and towns of America, as a computer programmer, clinging to his job after outsourcing, finds secrets being stolen from a military site. Soon he's running for his life with a beautiful security expert, balancing his knowledge of the land with hers of technology, and eventually balancing his knowledge of faith with her uncertainty. It's a novel that successfully blends faith and fast-action, more so than others of its genre. So grab a bold dark intense 5-star coffee and enjoy.

Moving on to outer space, Reach, a Twin-Bred Novel by Karen Wyle, is the second in a truly intriguing science fiction series. Karen Wyle does a fantastic job of not just imagining aliens, but making them real--their appearance, their thought-processes, even the way they might stand, sit, smell, or interpret English. The "twins" (one tofa, one human in each pair) have left their homeworld and are seeking new lives, but the friends left behind are still trying to learn how to live together. Questions of identity, understanding, care, concern, and love all come to the fore in a novel that beautifully combines challenge and entertainment. Enjoy this elegant complex tale with a 4-star elegant complex cup of coffee.

Then there's cyberspace. If you spend too much of your life on Facebook then The Facebook Diet, by Gemini Adams just might be the book for you. Alternatively, get it for that Facebook Addict you "like" in your life. And enjoy with a bright lively easy-drinking 2-star coffee.


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