Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The proof is in the reading.... stage

Yay! I have a pdf proof for Divide by Zero and I'm frantically proofreading. Actually, I'm trying not to proofread too frantically as I know if I get too involved in the story I'll stop reading carefully enough. There's something really amazing about seeing the pages spread across the computer screen though, all nicely laid out, formatted beautifully, headings just where they ought to be--and my name at the top! So, the proof is in the reading stage, and the real thing should be released, in ebook and paperback, on August 20th. Real date, real book cover, real proof... does this make me a real author yet? I suppose the proof of that comes when we see if people read it and if they like it.

Please read it.
Please like it.
Pretty please with white cat curling around your ankles. (Hey, sugar and cherries on top might be fattening.)

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Anonymous said...

This definitely makes you a real author! My favorite moment is when you get the paper proof, and it's actually in your hands. Congrats! :)