Friday, June 29, 2012

Will there be time to read on July 4th?

I'm only one and a half books behind on my reading schedule now, unless you count that strange plan to read one book a month just for myself. Maybe I'll read something quickly tomorrow. Meanwhile, grab your coffee mugs if you want some recommendations for books to enjoy during the long weekend.

Aaron Paul Lazar's Essentially Yours is second in his Tall Pines series, set in the Adirondacks, filled with great characters and genuine heart, exciting, intriguing and thoroughly entertaining, it's a perfect read for sitting on your deck before dinner... with a dog, preferably, and maybe a parrot too. I've read several for Aaron Lazar's mysteries now and enjoyed them all, so having one available on my review list is always a treat. Drink some 3-star well-balanced coffee as you follow the tale.

Faces Behind the Stones by Fran Lewis is a set of short stories which tell  their mysteries from the points of view of the dead. The stories are all based on fact, and the mix of serious lessons and curious horror is a little unsettling. Best to drink some 5-star bold dark intense coffee as you read.

Next comes a set of short essays rather than stories. The Uncommon Thread by R. Scott Anderson M.D. is compiled from his columns in the Journal of the Mississippi State Medical Association, but don't worry--this isn't a learned medical tome. It's laugh-out-loud fun with touches of serious heart-searching, savvy political considerations, squirrels and African lions! Thoroughly enjoyable, and best paired with a 4-star rich and elegant cup of coffee.

My last two books are both the beginnings of young adult series. The Binding, by L. Filloon, takes an American teen across the country on her way to a curious portal which might lead, in book two, to her destiny. Secretly betrothed at birth, the young protagonist tries to learn about love, responsibility and commitment while elvish monsters threaten. Meanwhile her young friend escapes real-world monsters of the real world to stay by her side. It's a slow read, so plan on two or three cups of 1-star mild crisp coffee.

Finally Suffocate by S.R. Johannes is a thoroughly enjoyable novelette, first in the Breathless series. The story's pleasingly complete in a first-episode kind of way. The sci-fi world's well-drawn and quickly portrayed with no long backstory. Characters are convincing and hints of the future are very nicely scattered with no neon warning signs. I'm looking forward to more of this series. Enjoy with a 2-star lively easy-drinking coffee.

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Cold As Heaven said...

Quite a reading list you have.

On the 4th of July I'll be on a plane to south of Europe, with plenty of time to read >:)

Cold As Heaven