Saturday, June 16, 2012

Reviews that inform and encourage

My second Bible story book has just been reviewed at the Dubious Disciple, and it's a lovely informative review, for me as the author as well as for potential readers. It tells me what's right, what's wrong, how the reviewer views it, and why it's not as good as the first book (also reviewed at the Dubious Disciple). Plus the reviewer gives me ideas how to market the book--WOW! Now I'm feeling really inspired, and eager to start work on the next one--perfect timing I suppose since my novel's out of my hands.

Meanwhile, thinking of marketing ploys, here are two books I "bought" free on Amazon today, so if you like free kindle reads you might like to follow the links:

House Haunting--like house hunting but with ghosts,

and Tango Trajectory--CIA experience informing the novel of a woman flying "spook" missions and locating a terrorist base,

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