Paper reading, computer writing, and WOW!

Wow! Willow Moon Publishing just offered me a contract for my first romance novel, Love on a Transfer. I don't know yet if I'll manage to add enough scenes for a print release, but they've said yes to the ebook and I'm definitely going to try.

This is me, dancing around the room...
thinking with awe that this is only possible because the publisher read one of my book reviews and invited me to submit something...
deciding perhaps I should post some more book reviews----these novels best enjoyed with good cups of coffee of course. (I hope you like the new coffee cup logo above!)

Just for a change, these books were all read on paper. But my writing's all done on computer. And once I've posted these I'll write some more.

This week's books start with Steve O'Brien's Redemption Day, and today, April 19th, is a perfect day to start posting reviews on this book. After all, it's the day when... well... lots of stuff happened in the US, and now there's a Supreme Court judge kidnapped, and homegrown terrorists trying to redeem their personal view of the Constitution. It's a smoothly written, fast-paced thriller with plenty to think about and a great mix of characters, best enjoyed with a well-balanced 3-star cup of coffee.

Next comes The Grievers, by Marc Schuster, one of those darkly humorous tales with an aching honesty that always remind me of 4 Weddings and a Funeral. Satisfying on lots of levels, it tells the misfortunes of a young man who's failing his future and his wife when he hears a school friend has killed himself. Selling his soul to save it, Charley ends up organizing an enormously disorganized class reunion and takes his first steps towards growing up. Drink a 3-star well-balanced coffee with this beautifully balanced tale.

Moving back in time, our book group meets soon to discuss A Gathering of Finches by Jane Kirkpatrick. Filled with historical detail it's very naturally told, and real characters' lives are given intriguing shape by the author's pen. Young Cassie marries and travels to the Western US in a misguided attempt to rescue her family. Never trusting those who love her, never fully able to love until she trusts, Cassie ends up in Oregon and the reader sees the forests slowly giving way to towns, roads and railroad plotting their course, relationships rebuilt as a garden's flowers are staked against the wind. Enjoy these complex lives with a 4-star elegant complex coffee.

And finally, just to prove I can read a book for myself before the last day of the month, I've just read Jim Butcher's Side Jobs, a set of short stories from the Harry Dresden Files, and great fun for this Dresden addict. Enjoy these dark tales with some bold dark intense 5-star coffee.


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