Flower Child nominated in Preditors and Editors !!!

I was heading over to http://critters.org/predpoll/shortstorysf.shtml to vote for a story I'd read and I saw my own name! Really! Flower Child's been nominated under

Science Fiction & Fantasy Short Story published in 2011...

Runs round the room in amazement--one of my stories, nominated!!!

Runs round the room again!!!

Runs out of exclamation points...

Anyway, if you liked Flower Child, please vote for me--just follow the link, click the button by Flower Child, add your name and email and copy the magic code (for verification) lower down the page, then click on the link in your email when you receive it.

I think I'll just go run round the room again...


Laura Eno said…
yay! Congrats, Sheila!

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