Who is Origin?

I typed my name into Amazon to see what books would appear--just checking, I thought. But what I found wasn't quite what I expected...

Genesis People at $137.63

Drabble-It $131.63
Storyteller Psalms $ 147.63
Exodus Tales $137.63
Thanksgiving! $143.63
Revelation! $143.63
Mongrel Christian Mathematician $131.63

What's with all the 63cents? And what's with those prices?

Genesis People is the only one I expected to find from this list (it's also available for $9.99). The rest, I thought, were just on Lulu (at much smaller prices).

I'm sure no-one's ever going to pay over $100 for one of my books, but who on earth is "Origin" and how can he/she/it even offer my books at those prices? And how do I get the original Genesis People to appear on my author page (with cover) instead of this vastly inflated cover-less one? Aghghgh!


Laura Eno said…
I've found very weird reseller prices (but not that high!) on mine as well. I don't get it. Maybe it's a hook to get people interested in their site, wondering what treasures they have? *shrug*
maryrussel said…
Wow! Maria told me the prices of my books on Amazon Australia are really high but even they aren't that bad. Someone I never heard of is also selling my books too. I can understand how someone can buy a one of your books and then sell it as used after they have read it but these are new books.
Sheila Deeth said…
I'm wondering if it's related to Lulu putting my books on the ibookstore--maybe that means resellers can legitimately buy and sell new copies. As to the price, maybe a seller needs a certain dollar amount of "stuff" to get a certain rating, so maybe the books are just theoretical merchandise. I'm sure no one would buy at such a price.

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