Wednesday, July 27, 2011

8,000 words and I know where the mother went!

I went to Borders with a friend last week and drank a final coffee in their coffee store. We used to go there to shop, read, write and share ideas (and drink coffee of course). Alas, no more. I dropped in on Saturday to see the "closing down sales" and found the great deals (Buy one get one half off) all replaced with boring 10% discounts and shelving chaos. And no coffee! They've stacked the tables and chairs in a corner so there's no place to drink your own brew either. Very sad.

Anyway, last time we went we got out paper and pencils and wrote our entries for the local writers' group's competition. The prompt was something to do with expectation and reality not being the same. My story was about a boy, and when I read it to my friend she asked, "What about his mother and his sister?" Good question I guess.

Coming home I typed the story up ready to send while questions meandered in my head. Soon I was typing chapter two, chapter three, and even chapter four. My boy lives in a bigger world now. He's met a girl. And last night, while washing up from dinner, I finally found the answer. Mother and sister? They went the same place as the girl he's met came from, where all the girls went... The story continues. 8,000 words and counting (and writing too).


Ruthi aka abitosunshine said...

And are you going to tell your readers where all girls go? I wanna know and go!

maryrussel said...

How wonderful that you were inspired by your friend's question to continue the story!