Drabbling Thanksgiving - 5

5. Melchisedek

The king looked out over the plains where soldiers too numerous to count were filing by. “Keep watch,” he told his royal guard. “They’ll not climb up to us here.”

Mobs of violent tribesmen followed, hardy and wild. “Keep watch,” said the king. “They’ll not climb up to us here.”

Then sounds of fighting shattered the sky, tribesmen and soldiers, bright swords, screams like eagles, and clattering thunder like hooves. The rag-taggle nomads returned in triumph and the king went out with bread and wine to meet them.

“God has blessed you,” Jerusalem’s king greeted Abraham.
“Always,” was the reply.

Thank you God for food and drink, good fortune and godly blessing.

© 2008, Sheila Deeth


Congrats on your book!!
Please let me know how and where and when I can get one. But I want it signed! ;)
Can't wait and am thrilled for you.

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