Who built the dollhouse?

Today I'm delighted to welcome Jordan Elizabeth to my blog. She's the author of Clockwork Dollhouse (see my review here), and, since she and I both enjoy fantasy novels, I thought I'd offer her a warm drink on this cold morning and find out what else we might have in common. Please pour yourself a drink and join us:

First of all, who is in the picture?

The man in it is Aaron, the illustrator for FANYA IN THE UNDERWORLD

And the woman is presumably you. What sort of book do you most like to read, Jordan? 

I love fantasy books. I just get sucked right into the new worlds.  I also enjoy historical fiction and anything young adult.

What sort do you most like to write, and if the two answers are different, why might that be?

I've tried to write something that wasn't fantasy, and magic worked its way in anyway. I'm still trying to branch out and try different things.

I know what you mean. Sometimes stories demand to exist just the way they choose, whatever the writer was planning, don't they? 
Do you prefer short stories or longer fiction? Standalone or series?

I prefer standalone.I like to know the story is done.  I do have a series, though - Treasure Chronicles.I tend to write longer fiction, but I've been dabbling in short stories and novellas to mix things up.

Novellas like Clockwork Dollhouse I guess. So, which came first in that one, the doll's house or the characters? And how did you write the story? 

The doll's house came first. My grandmother bought me a dollhouse kit when I was young and no one ever put it together. A friend's husband finally constructed it a few years ago.Since then, I've been obsessed with decorating it and finding miniatures.

I'm told my dad spent many secret hours putting my dollhouse together before Christmas when I was a kid. Now you've got me itching to write him into a story. But how much of yourself do you write into your characters? 

Occasionally, I tend to base a character on me, but usually I write about other people I know.

My characters all end up living inside my head when I write about them, which I suppose means they're all parts of me. Anyway, time's up so one final question: What do you wish people would ask you? 

"Can I buy your book?" Haha!

I wish they'd ask me that too! Thanks for visiting, Jordan, and good luck with book sales. Here are a few links:

Meet Jordan and find her books at: JordanElizabethBooks.com

Clockwork Dollhouse on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Clockwork-Dollhouse-Jordan-Elizabeth-ebook/dp/B07J58N2RL/

Treasure Chronicles on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Treasure-Chronicles-3-Book-Series/dp/B06Y2JB9PW/

FANYA in the Underworld on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/173135617X/

And Jordan's Amazon page: https://www.amazon.com/Jordan-Elizabeth/e/B00P0KBRD4/


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