Are strange new worlds scary or good?

My world's not feeling as good as it might--job uncertainties, aging, insurance all rearing their heads. So perhaps it's a good time to escape into a strange new world, seek out new lives, new civilizations... or something. Which I suppose answers my question, "Are strange new worlds scary or good," because Star Trek sought out some pleasing ones as well as scary ones.

Anyway, many worlds reside in good books, so here are three, all science fiction based, and all truly intriguing.

First is Water to Water by Karen Wyle. You can find my reviews of Karen Wyle's earlier novels on Goodreads, and you'll tell from their number and ratings that I love her writing. Water to Water is no exception--a well-imagined alien world with truly alien life-forms, alien culture, and even alien faith. Readers are quickly drawn into lives and questions as a young adult comes to terms with his father's passing. But why do the dead go to the sea? Where do the dead of other species go? And what is soul? A truly intriguing tale to enjoy with some elegantly complex four-star coffee.

Continuing a theme of water and youthful protagonists, Portal Through The Pond by David K. Anderson stands alone as an intriguing alien worlds tale for middle grade and up, but is also a fascinating start to a new series. It's team of young protagonists are set on their curious path after the death of Christy's grandmother, and the revelation of grandma's secrets. An interesting team are gathered at different times--Christy's old friends, old enemies, new friend... and the self-blaming girl, partially deaf boy, and angry rebel all end on their own journey across a nicely imagined, very strange landscape, from pond to pond perhaps. Enjoy this adventure-style novel with some easy-drinking two-star coffee.

Dream of the Navigator by Stephen Zimmer is first in a dystopian series for teens, blending the dystopian tropes of an over-controlled society with fantasy elements of worlds beyond our own and powers at play, preying on humanity or striving to save us. It's a cool blend and a fascinating novel, very dialog-driven and drawing strongly on present-day politics and science. Enjoy with some dark five-star coffee.

But now it's time for real coffee and real life again. I think I need another book! Strange new worlds are FUN.


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