Where do paranormal and normal collide?

Not everything in life lends itself to easy explanation. Not everything in fiction either, and sometimes the not quite normal worlds of fiction are all the more believable for not explaining everything. Sometimes it's enough just to live, for a little while, in an unreal, paranormal place, looking back perhaps at the real and seeing how much is beyond our understanding. Sometimes it's good to remember we don't know it all. Otherwise we get caught up in arguments about things we don't completely know, and forget to listen to those hints of truth behind the fiction, myth, history or imagination.

I enjoy fiction, myth, history and imagination. I'm totally sure there's more out there than I'll ever wrap my mind around. I believe there's much that's been revealed, but that's for my other blog--inspired by faith and science. Meanwhile I'll read. Find yourself a coffee and see if any of these nicely paranormal tales capture your imagination as they did mine.

First are the Deadly Encounters novels by Crymsyn Hart, Death's Dance, Death's Revival and Death's Demise (I hope there will be more). Death's Dance is a place where a medium meets her match. But the medium is guarded by a hooded stranger in her dreams, and soon she's taking her place in the world as a Grim Reaper. Intriguing. Even more so when myths and legends of history try to break into earth's reality... Enjoy these dark tales with some fine dark five-star coffee.

Epitaph by Karla Brandenburg introduces a woman who rather than speaking with the dead just hears from them. It's a great talent for writing epitaphs, but perhaps not so great when the dead call out for justice. A touching romance, a fast-moving action adventure, and an intriguing take on paranormal powers, Epitaph might be best enjoyed with some well-balanced three-star coffee.

The Woman behind the Waterfall by Leonora Meriel is one of those gently paranormal novels that leave you wondering just what was real and what imagined. A delightful daughter seems more than able to imagine herself a bird. But the mother imagines nothing but the bottom of a glass and fills her life with regret. What if there were powers beyond death weaving threads into our lives? And what if a child could reweave with gold and heal? Enjoy this intriguing and beautifully poetic novel with some rich elegant four-star coffee.

A second Leonora Meriel book, Unity Game, blends paranormal with science fiction. Alien life is portrayed very evocatively, with power to channel an unknown energy. Then human lives are introduced, living and dead, time periods gradually proving to be twisted till even the ancients of history play their part. Coolly intriguing, this is another poetic novel to enjoy with elegant cups of elegant four-star coffee.


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