Are you writing yet?

It's November. It NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) again. So... are you writing yet? I wish I was. I'm not sure I want to try writing a whole novel in November - it being the month of Thanksgiving means lots of time spent shopping and cooking for example, therefore less time to write. But I'd love to finish work on Imaginary Numbers, the next one in my Mathemafiction series. So... am I writing yet? Not really, I must confess. But I wrote a Kitkit story (related to Tails of Mystery) and a poem for our latest Writers' Mill contest. I released two books for the Writers' Mill (our sixth Writers' Mill Journal, and Carl and June: Tales of Two). And I'm on the cusp of posting tons of book reviews. Does writing book reviews count? Does reading count? (Can't write without reading surely!)

Am I writing yet? I'm writing a blogpost.
Am I writing yet? I've just finished reading about how to get published.
Am I writing yet? I'll certainly need to finish the book(s) before they get published. But for now, here's a couple of non-fiction book reviews.

Yeah, that getting published thing. The Authors Publish Guide to Manuscript Submission is an easy read, written in a pleasant conversational style with well-organized chapters. If you've got something written but not yet worth submitting (e.g. if you wrote it in a month a la NaNoWriMo) there's some good advice on polishing it up. And if you're wondering how or if to submit to a publisher, there's fairly simple advice, even with a glossary for those unfamiliar words. Not taxing, it's a good place to start and the links are invaluable. And, since all book reviews should be accompanied by coffee, enjoy with some one-star light crisp coffee.

I think I prefer reading fiction (no, I know I prefer it). But I was given a copy of Rock Trivia Madness 60s-90s volume 1 by Bill O’Neill and Ray Connor and, since I did indeed listen to pop music (in England) in those days, I certainly found it interesting. If you listened, or listen now to the stars of those not-too-long-ago days while you write your NaNoWriMo work of staggering genius, you'll find it interesting too. Best enjoyed with some more crisp one-star coffee.

Are you writing yet?


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