Friday, August 12, 2016

History and Mystery in The Movie Star and Me

I love books. I love fiction. I love to see the lives of imaginary people, the way their tales play out with shape and form, reminding me my own story has meaning after all. And I love movies - like books read in concert with family and friends, spending time together in an imaginary world where symbols all have meanings, and stories have beginnings, middles and ends. So what about this book - The Movie Star and Me. My first thought was, is it fact or fiction. I'm not a great reader of biographies or watcher of star interviews. But it's fiction, set in Old Hollywood, with all its cool technology and eagerness to please. I really think I'll like this one. The protagonist sounds intriguing. The mystery sounds cool. And if "people aren't always what they seem to be" then I immediately want to know more. What about you?


Author Kelly Durham has captured Old Hollywood in his entertaining new novel, The Movie Star and Me (August 9, 2016) and exposes readers to the history of the movie business in this historical fiction tour de force. Movie magic, labor strikes, HUAC committee hearings and the business of show business are revealed as a colorful cast of characters fight for their self-interests--with surprising results.

The Movie Star and Me follows Frank Russell, a young veteran just returned from the Pacific war.  On the ship home from Okinawa, Frank discovers several cans of newsreel film in his duffel bag.  Once he lands in the States, Frank returns the film to its owner, Pacific Pictures in Hollywood.  Over the course of a couple of visits to the studio, Frank impresses its owner Abe Baum, who offers Frank a job.  Frank continues to impress and is quickly promoted, earning the attention of Vera Vance, an up and coming starlet. Under Frank’s tutelage, the ambitious Vera becomes the studio’s top box office attraction.  But there are secrets at Pacific Pictures that threaten futures, and Frank gets caught up in a high-stakes battle where people aren’t always what they seem to be.


Kelly Durham lives in Clemson, SC with his wife Yvonne.  They are the parents of Mary Kate, Addison and Callie and also provide for their dog, George Marshall.  A graduate of Clemson University, Kelly served four years in the US Army with assignments in Arizona and Germany before returning to Clemson and entering private business.  Kelly is the also the author of THE WAR WIDOW, BERLIN CALLING, WADE’S WAR and THE RELUCTANT COPILOT.  Check out all Kelly’s books at

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